Behind the Brand

Let me introduce myself!

 Hi! My name is Flaydencia Jeanty and I'm the founder of Studio Diaphane. My interest in aesthetics, interior design mixed with my thirst for creativity and being able to create something with my hands, pushed me to create this small business. This candle making journey started when I noticed that soy candles were more eco-friendly than paraffin based candles, but they were still related to the deforestation. I was wondering if there was an alternative that would leave a smaller ecological footprint and after several weeks of research I discovered coconut wax, I saw that there were not many companies that were using this type of wax, that was the beginning of further research and many tests to find the ideal ratios for this wax blend. Several months after, it was the launch of Studio Diaphane. This journey has brought me to where I am today and the vision that I have for Studio Diaphane doesn't only stop at making candles and I hope to be able to make a variety of products that will fit into your home while keeping in mind the protection of our planet.